Resume Of Mr. Mohammad Reza Nezafat :

1973 - 1980 :
  • Cooperating with Bonyan Consulting Engineers and member of design team in the following projects :
              _ Tamine Ejtemaei hospital at province centers
              _ Elmo sanat university- faculties expansion
              _ Kerman university
              _ Montary print plant
              _ Machinary and Tractor plants at Tabriz and Arak
  • Cooperating with Metsa, Nasco and Archolog Consulting Engineers and member of design team in the following projects :

              _ Offering Executive Plans and Details of main health centers at province centers in Yazd, Hamedan, Tabriz and Urimiyeh
              _ Bell helicopter plant- Isphahan
              _ Hotels and commercials at Abbasabad (Shahestan)- Tehran
              _ Tower two of Iran Tel compnay

1980 _ 1985 :

Construction Manager of the following projects :
              _ Iran Telephone Company projects
              _ Residential projects
              _ Bank projects
              _ Khorasan steel company (Nishaboor) projects
              _ Management projects
              _ Industrial projects- Iran Auto parts, Safety parts and Electric Khodro Shargh Companies

  • Cooperating with Pendaresh ConsultingEngineers 

1985 _ 1997 :

  • Teaching at Azad University of Mashhad- Architecture faculty
  • consulter at Post Company of Iran :
                 _ Khodashahr technical office manager 
                 _ Anbooh sazan management team

  • Construction manager of Mashhad International exhibition

1997 _ 2002 :

                  _ Designing of Telephone Company Centers
                  _ Consulter of Post Bank Centers
                  _ Architectural consulter
                  _ Member of evaluation organization of the company properties
                  _ Architectural consulter of Khorasan Iran Khodro (automobile industry)- Binalood new town


2002 till now :
  • Nama Consulting Engineers vice-president
  • Teachin at Azad University of Mashhad- Architechtural Faculty
  • Teaching at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad- Urban Faculty
  • Member of architectural team of Sepad Recreation complex and Park

Member of Association :
  • Architecture association
  • Urban association
  • Member of Nezam Mohandesi Organization (Engineers Asso.) of Tehran
  • Member of Nezam Mohandesi Organization (Engineers Asso.) of Khorasan

Passing Technical Urban and Architeture Courses :
  • Earthquake course of Ferdowsi university at 1991
  • International conference from traditional architecture to contemporary architecture at 2007
  • Value engineering course 1 at 2010
  • Value engineering course 2 at 2010
  • Attending Value engineering courses of Recreation centers of today era