Introduction :

Nama Consulting Engineers has been offering architectural , urban and supervision services since 1364. The company has been registered under number 8142 in 1372/7/26 in Khorasan – Mashhad and under number 124426 in 1382/2/16 at Registration Offices and Non – Commercial Organizations in Tehran.
According to last changes, Mr. Mohammad Reza Nezafat,  and Ms. Mina Nezafat are now the members of board of directors, and Mr. Mohammad Reza Nezafat is the  wise president of the company.
 Nama Consulting Engineering Co. is a member of the Syndicate of Consulting Architects and Planners and has got qualifications from the Management and Programin Organization of the country in the following items :
  • Grade one in Post and Telephone Company buildings
  • Grade one in Residential, Commercial, Official buildings and city services
  • Grade three in Residential, Commercial, Official and Millitry specialization

Nama consulting engineers Co. has now grade two in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Millitry specialization

The company projects involve :
  • Urban designing          
  • Industrial projects          
  • Post and telephone center projects          
  • Bank projects          
  • Commercial projects          
  • Official projects          
  • Residential projects          
  •  Residential and turism projects          
  •  Cultural projects